How To Build A 4 Feet Ring Light 0

In addition to the very unique Spider Ring Light that we featured last month, we are going to present yet another DIY ring light project: a 4 feet ring light.

The ring light is a product of Philippine-based photographer Laya Gerlock. It’s made from plywood and uses a total of 12 bulbs for the lighting.

If you want to produce Gerlock’s giant ring light, you’ll need to gather materials like a 4×8 plywood, 1 dozen bulbs, some wires, bulb fixtures, spray paint for color, and an optional 1×8 wood. You are also going to utilize tools like a Jigsaw, ruler, drill with cup, and, wait for it… TIME — lots of it.

If you’re up for it, you can check out the full DIY steps by hitting the source link below. Once you’re done, you’ll have results like these images:

You can also view the behind-the-scenes video:

[DIY Photography]