How To Avoid Timelapse Flicker – [Video] 0

Getting your head around everything involved in shooting a timelapse can be daunting.  How many shots per minute to shoot, what shutter speed will look natural, and one monster that only rears its head in post — how to avoid timelapse flicker.

If you’re unsure what timelapse flicker is, check out this first video.  It’s one of my first attempts at a timelapse and you’ll see the image brightness bounce around — that’s timelapse flicker.

Although timelapse flicker can be dealt with in post (to an extent), it is much easier to get your images correct in-camera.  Ryan Chylinski has created a great little how-to in which he covers the basics of timelapse flicker and highlights a few important points on how to avoid it.

  • Shoot with a low shutter speed (1/125 or less)
  • Use a large aperature (small number)
  • Put your camera in manual (M) mode
  • Trick your camera into thinking you’re using a manual lens

Check out the video for full details.

[LearnTimelapse] via [ISO1200]