HoverCam Mini 5: The Scanning Camera That You Can Actually Put In Your Pocket 2

At CES 2013, there are a lot of new camera gadgets that are really cool and awesome.  One of those is HoverCam’s pocketable scanning camera dubbed as the Mini 5.

The Mini 5 is basically a scanner that you can carry anywhere you go. If you need to scan something, you’ll just have to simply insert it into a computer’s USB port. It features a 5 MP resolution camera that can cover a letter-sized paper and can record 1080p full motion video.


Unlike traditional scanners, the Mini 5 can instantly scan anything under it by taking a quick photo. Aside from scanning, the camera is also useable for live conferencing.

The HoverCam Mini 5 is expected to become available around the second quarter of this year. If you’re interested, one unit will cost you around $200.