Homemade 360-Degree Camera Using 8 iPhones 0

Companies who invested on mapping software are crazy about 360-degree cameras. If Google has the Trekker, and Pentax working on a prototype, an Oregon resident, on the other other hand, has created a homemade panoramic camera using mobile phones.

Gabriel Paez assembled his own 360-degree camera using eight iPhone cameras. Technically, it’s nine if you count the one he uses as the controller of the group of Apple smartphones mounted on a backpack like a Street View-style rig. He also wrote the software used to control the whole contraption.

Using his Vespa scooter, Paez has successfully traveled across the United States in ten days, documenting everything with his special camera set-up. He started his journey last September 21 and arrived in the east coast on Tuesday.

Paez stated on his website that he’s going to use all the images for a personal stage show.

Fortunately, Paez promised to post an article on how he created the iPhone-powered 360-degree shooter once he gets back to Oregon.

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