HEXO+: The GoPro Drone That’s Designed To Follow All Your Actions Autonomously 1

HEXO+ is a Kickstarter project that has already raised almost half a million of funds (at the time of writing) with still 28 days to go till goal deadline. And to think that the creators are just asking for $50,000 to get started with the HEXO+. That’s how popular the autonomous drone is for GoPro enthusiasts.

The pitch: “HEXO+ is just that – an intelligent aerial follow camera: no pilot, no cameraman, no headache.”

The HEXO+ features a hexacopter with 30-degree tilt propellers, speed range of up to 45mph, and flight time of 15 minutes with 3S battery, gimbal and GoPro attached.


To program how HEXO+ will take your action shots, you can set everything using a 3D model of the camera’s point of view on your smartphone.


The team behind the HEXO+ project is California-based Squadrone System. By pledging $299, you can already get a HEXO+ DIY Kit. If you’d like a ready to fly version, you better hurry because those are selling like hotcakes.

[HEXO+ via Kickstarter via Petapixel]