Helmet With Seven Cameras Serves As Black Box For Bicyclists 0

“Helmet of Justice” and Chaotic Moon are names that could easily be associated as an object or character from some superhero comics. But in real life, it’s actually the name of a protective device and the company who developed it, respectively.

The “Helmet of Justice”, as the name implies, is borne out of the necessity of finding out what happens before and after an accident. The product is Chaotic Moon’s solution in helping skaters and bicyclists pinpoint their perpetrators, especially in hit-and-run cases. We can safely say that the helmet is close to their hearts as they built it right after one of their employees was hit and injured by a vehicle and never finding out what really happened.


To record everything, the protective gear uses seven networked cameras that provide a 360-degree view around the user’s head. Unlike adventure cameras like the GoPro, the Justice helmet only starts recording when it detects impact via an accelerometer. A simple trip of your head to the pavement triggers the camera to capture up to two hours of video right after impact.

Basically, the helmet simply functions similar to a “black blox” found in some cars.

Chaotic Moon is already looking for sporting goods companies to license the “Helmet of Justice”, which would cost around $300 when it becomes available. For the meantime, you’re on your own. Protect yourself at all times.

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