HD Security Cameras Equipped With 29 Megapixel Sensor And Canon EF Mount Lenses 0

It looks like astronomers are not the only ones who are upping the ante when it comes to camera system upgrades. We’ve recently learned through PetaPixel that Avigilon, a surveillance company based in Canada, is selling 8MP, 11MP, 16MP, and 29MP security cameras. These cameras, which are officially called the JPEG2000 HD Pro, are also using Canon EF mount SLR lenses.

The Avigilon camera features a 4/3-inch progressive scan CCD sensor to take surveillance photos with 6576×4384 resolution. Aside from snapping photos at the rate of two per second, the camera user can manually adjust the shutter speed, aperture, and white balance. It can even shoot high-quality images in low light areas, according to the company.

A sample photo taken by the Avigilon camera is shown below:

For the hi-res version of this photo, click here.

If you own a large building that needs security cameras, you can grab one or two of these cameras by talking to one of Avigilon’s sales representatives. The JPEG2000 HD Pro product page does not list the price of the camera, which could only mean that it’s either expensive or they’re not selling this to just anyone.