Hate Shutter Lag? Two Ways: Canon EOS Rebel T3i & Galaxy Nexus 0

One of the things that drives me crazy about some of the low end of the DLSR space is the shutter lag: my wife used to be an awesome photographer years ago and we are now looking to get her back into it – she rocks with a point and shoot – but wants to get the flexibility of a DSLR, reusing some of her lenses etc. Enter the Canon EOS Rebel T3i which promises zero – or near zero – lag time. This camera retails around $600-$800 and looks like a great bang for the buck, especially if you are looking for a first step into the DSLR space.

Need zero lag in a smartphone camera, for those on-the-fly moments? Even some hard core photographers get that you can’t have your kit with you at all times – when the moment is here – you’ve got to have something ready and willing to grab that shot. The newly released Galaxy Nexus, Google’s next iteration of their Android OS, 4.0 AKA Ice-Cream Sandwich, with what Samsung promises to be zero lag shutter. It’s only got a 5MP camera though, so if you are looking for higher resolution in an Android smartphone, you’ll have to look elsewhere, maybe wait for the LUMIX Phone 101P, which will reported sport a 13.2MP camera. No word on shutter lag for this bad boy though…

We’ll see if either of these pass my wife’s acid test – I’ll be hitting up Google for the Galaxy Nexus and my wife will grab the Canon and we’ll report back!