Hasselblad Rebrands Sony NEX-7 To Create New $5,000 Luxury Camera 0

The Hasselblad Lunar is the newest “ultra luxury” camera from the same company that manufactured the first camera on the moon. The camera’s name could be a tribute to that awesome feat. However, the APS-C mirrorless camera is basically a pimped up Sony NEX-7.

Aside from a slight difference in physical appearance, the Lunar has the same 24.3 megapixel APS-C sensor as that of the NEX-7. And that’s not all, it also has the similar 3-inch LCD screen, Sony E and A mount compatibility, 10fps continuous shooting, 100-16000 ISO range, 25 AF points, and a built-in EVF.

To differentiate the Lunar from the Sony camera, Hasselblad splurged on the outer hardware. The grip is made of real wood, with the other parts of the body consist of precious metals, leather, carbon fiber, titanium, and gold. It’s reportedly going to be available in 47 different styles.

And to top the icing, Hasselblad slapped the Lunar with a price tag of €5,000 (around $6,5000). If you’re wondering, the Sony NEX-7 only cost around $1,100.