Hasselblad Adds Three New ‘Special Edition’ Of Rebranded Sony RX100 1

The Sony RX100 has been named by Time magazine as one of the Best Inventions of 2012. So it’s no wonder really on why Hasselblad has chosen to rebrand the said shooter.

The Hasselblad Stellar was announced last July as a luxury version of the 20MP RX100. Basically, Hasselblad added a wooden or carbon grip to the Cybershot, a new logo, and slaps a hefty price for a complete luxurious package.

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The first Hasselblad Stellar

The first Hasselblad Stellar

And because the “original” Stellar is probably selling well, Hasselblad has announced the Stellar Special Edition Collection. The collection consists of three new versions of the said camera.

The latest Stellars comes in either white, orange, or black body. It features “elegantly designed aluminium body and metal operation controls.”

hasselblad-stellar-special-edition hasselblad-stellar-special-edition-1 hasselblad-stellar-special-edition-4

The Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition is pricier than its older brother; it comes with a price tag of $3,175.

[Hasselblad via PetaPixel]