HandiZoom Brings Camcorder Ease To SLR Video Recording 0

Anybody used to working with camcorders who recently made the switch to DSLR’s will be happy to see a new concept product called the HandiZoom: an attachment that makes shooting video with your DSLR feel much more familiar.

Of course, those intending to buy one of Canon’s brand new EOS 1D-C‘s won’t be adding anything unnecessary to an already incredible piece of machinery; but us mere mortals who want the feel of a camcorder when shooting video with our non-4k-SLR will love everything HandiZoom has to offer — it it ever does, in fact, become a reality that is.

As of right now the HandiZoom is just a prototype that still faces many challenges; but the convenience of ergonomic, camcorder-like grip paired with electronic zoom control is enough to make anybody feel foolish trying to adjust settings by hand.

If you’re fortunate enough to be at NAB 2012, definitely stop by and give the gadget a whirl; and once you do, please leave us a comment and let us know why HandiZoom is or isn’t as awesome as it looks.

[DSLR News Shooter via Gizmodo via PetaPixel]