HACKxTACK: ‘World’s First Magnetic Lens Cap Holder’ 15

Ah, the beloved lens cap. How many times have we lost, forgotten, misplaced this small camera accessory. While there are already a few remember-your-lens-cap solutions out there, the HACKxTACK Kickstarter project joins the fray with an interesting solution: a magnetic lens cap holder.

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The HACKxTACK is a small clip-based device made from premium wood and stainless steel with three magnets inside that are device-friendly. It comes paired with a metal tab that is attached to the lens cap itself.


To use, you only have to remove your lens cap and snap it on the HACKxTACK, which is attachable to anything, from thin cotton shirts to heavy leather straps and more.

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At the time of writing, the project is not yet fully funded. If you want this in production, you can help support the project by pledging at least $24 CAD.

[Kickstarter via Digital Photography Review]