Groundbot: Mobile Surveillance Robot 0

This is one cool piece of technology. Granted, it’s been done before and the tech isn’t exactly new, but it definitely looks the part. Check out the video below and tell me you don’t agree..

I know its purpose is as a surveillance device, but that doesn’t matter to me one bit. It’s basically a moving spherical Iguana-head armed with dual pan-tile-zoom stereoscopic cameras that transmit MPEG-4 streams to an operator. Who, as a result of the situational awareness HCI design, views the stream as if they were actually sitting in the ball. Organise that a couple of Surface to Air Missile launchers are attached to it, and it would be a force to be reckoned with.

Designed by Swedish company Rotundus, the Groundbot is capable of speeds up to 10kmph on land and in water, is completely sealed off from the outside world, and looks hilarious too. I wonder what kind of weird and wonderful ‘surveillance’ tasks the amazing Groundbot could get up to if we could get our hands on it for a couple of weeks… Don’t be so dirty minded.

Groundbot: Mobile Surveillance Robot