Got A Kata? Then Take A Shot and Join Kata’s “Take A Shot” Competition 0

You might prefer carrying your shooter by hanging it around your neck with the usual strap they come with. Or you might find it more comfortable if your camera is holstered around your hips, which the Spider Holster Black Widow Kit allows you to. And if you’re more of the conventional type, then you might prefer carrying it in a bag, like the ones Kata is offering.

And maybe as an added incentive for using their camera bags, Kata is hosting the “Take A Shot” Competition.

Kata Bag Competition

Basically, all you have to do is take a photo of you using your Kata bag in action. Kata’s announcement regarding the content puts few limitations to the types of photos or settings you can submit:

The photo could be of the bag itself, carried, worn, looped on a belt or slung over a shoulder, in an exotic location or an everyday environment. The possibilities are endless and KATA wants a peek at some of the adventures that your KATA bag makes possible.

Winners will win Kata gear and get the chance to have their photos featured in upcoming Kata advertisements and promos.

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