GoPro Unveils ‘Smaller, Lighter, Mightier’ HERO3+ 0

It looks like GoPro is taking a page out of Apple’s playbook as the action camera company recently announced the upgraded version of last year’s Hero 3, which is called the Hero 3+. Instead of releasing an entirely new product (like a Hero 4), GoPro has chosen to improved some of the Hero 3’s previous features, according to Gizmodo’s hands-on review of the 3+.


For example, the battery on the Hero 3+ is now 1180mAh (4.37Wh) compared to Hero 3’s 1050mAh (3.885Wh). The 3+ (Black) comes with a new lens, SuperView mode in 1080p and 720p, new Auto Low Light mode, and the capability of updating the firmware wirelessly via the GoPro smartphone app.


The new waterproof housing of the 3+ is 20 percent smaller and lighter, plus its buttons are now fatter and easier to press. Previously, mics on the camera were located on the two sides. On the 3+, there’s one mic on the side and another on top of the camera.


There are two editions of the Hero 3+, a black version and a silver version. However, the silver 3+ won’t come with the features mentioned above, except for the battery.

The pricing for the GoPro Hero 3+ Black is $400, and $300 for the Silver edition.

[GoPro via Gizmodo]