GoPro Impress at CES With WiFi BacPac and Remote Control 6

Falling just slightly outside the photography business, but right smack in the middle of the “creating amazing videos” business, the GoPro cameras have been a hit ever since they hit shelves; and while there are certainly better options for shooting professional video, nothing quite beats strapping one of their rugged Heros onto a helmet and letting your wilder side shine through. With that in mind, GoPro have introduced two new exciting accessories, set to release later this year, for their Hero 2.

The first, a Wifi BacPac as they have termed it, is a small, battery-pack-like addition that will instantly upload your videos via wifi or bluetooth to your android or iOS device. The BacPac works in concert with a free-to-download app, and makes the need to tether to a computer a thing of the past, bringing instant video sharing into the very near future.

The second accessory, which looks a bit like it’s taking your blood pressure, is a small wrist-strapable remote with which you can control the camera once it’s attached somewhere inaccessible, like the hood of your car. More than just a simple remote, this gadget can work in concert with several cameras to toggle between setting, and can even be used underwater. The fact that it’s waterproof came as a particularly pleasant surprise, as it means no more surfacing to start and stop your video when using your GoPro with its waterproof case. Pair that with the WiFi BacPac and your friends could be seeing your scuba trip much sooner than you expected. 

Update – WiFi underwater and through air require two different wireless frequencies.  Despite the remote being water proof, you won’t be able to control your GoPro while either one is submerged.  Wireless control on a surf board should work but don’t expect any WiFi control in Davy Jones Locker. (Thanks to reader Dave for catching that)

Needless to say these two accessories have made quite an impression at CES, and have video junkies and average-joe-snowboarders alike salivating over the extreme possibilities. I’m neither and even I’m drooling a little bit.

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