GoPro Gains WiFi Capabilities With BacPac 0

The popular, ultra-rugged, ultra-portable GoPro camera has become the go to solution for just about everyone looking to capture high quality videos in highly adventurous situations. You know those first-person snowboarding, skateboarding or other extreme sport videos you’ve seen? Yeah, chances are those were filmed with a GoPro.

Due to the high-stress situations the GoPro is constantly found under, its latest BacPac accessory will, without a doubt, prove to be highly useful. Essentially, the BacPac is a bundled WiFi module that plugs into the rear of the GoPro. From there, users can control the GoPro from an Android or iOS powered phone. This makes it easy to quickly start, stop or change video settings all on the fly. Not only that, but users will also be able to view a live stream of what the camera is capturing, and in the future broadcast this stream.  This will come in handy when the user cannot reach their GoPro, like when it’s strapped to their chest or mounted on the hood of a car. To make things even better, the makers of GoPro will also offer a wrist mountable WiFi controller that will allow users to do the same thing as an Android or iOS powered phone.

Price wise, the BacPac itself will run around $60 or  $100 including the wrist-strap-able WiFi controller. Unfortunately, as of now, this is about the extent of the information we have in regards to the GoPro BacPac. When exactly it will be dropping or how much juice its battery will provide is still unknown.  As always, we’ll continue digging and report back with any information we come up with. In  the mean time, check out a promotional video with pro skateboarders Ryan Sheckler and Erik Bragg below.