GoPro Announces New Mobile App For HD HERO2 Cameras 0

To further extend their dominance in the Adventure/POV camera category, GoPro has just unveiled a new mobile application for their popular HD HERO2 cameras. Each GoPro user is going to be excited to hear that the app caters to both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The GoPro app features full remote camera control and live scene preview on each of the user’s mobile phones or tablets. Additionally, it also showcases daily updates on GoPro Photo of the Day and Video of the Day.

“The GoPro App gives our customers more creative control and convenience than ever before,” says GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman.

“Being able to use your smart device to remotely turn on and control your GoPro, seeing what your camera sees, opens up all sorts of interesting new use cases. We’re excited to see the inventive ideas our customers come up with. As if getting Photo and Video of the Day sent to your smartphone wasn’t already cool enough!” Woodman added.

Here are the major features of the GoPro app:

  • Full camera control, including: Power On/Off, Recording Start/Stop, and all Mode settings
  • Live scene-preview prior to and during video and photo capture
  • Real time monitoring of the camera vitals including battery life and SD card capacity
  • Sync GoPro camera date and time to your smartphone or tablet
  • Daily GoPro “Photo of the Day” and “Video of the Day” updates

Aside from the app, GoPro has also released a free HD HERO2 professional video mode called Protune. It features cinema-quality enhancements, which includes higher dynamic range, neutral color, support for 24 fps video recording, and higher data rates. You can get Protune for free by getting the recent software update for the HD HERO2.

The GoPro app is already available for download on Apple’s App Store. Android users will have to wait a little while as the app is still coming soon on Google Play.

[GoPro via Alpine Zone]