Google Project Glass: The Future Of Wearable Action Camera? 0

Brin introduced Google Glass with the help of professional extreme sports athletes who performed stunts like skydiving, biking, and rappeling. All of the action were live stream using Google Hangouts.

With the way Google showcased Project Glass, you’ll get the impression that the unit is made for action sports enthusiasts. If Google is indeed joining the POV camera category,¬†which by the way, is presently dominated by GoPro, it’ll run along side Sony as another company developing a wearable action camera. Although, it’s very interesting to note that one of the skydivers in the Google video is wearing a suit with a large GoPro name on it.

Information about the full functionality of the Google Glass are still pretty limited. For now, the glass unit is known to be capable of sharing photos to Google+ and overlay Maps.

If you want to relive Brin’s live action demo of the Google Glass, watch the videos below: