Google Plus Aids in Tracking Down Camera Owner 0

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus is still the underdog.  The critical mass is large enough, however, and degrees of separation small enough, that a crazy event has taken place.

There was a guy scuba diving (Markus Thompson) off the end of the warf in Deep Bay, BC, who happened upon a Canon 1000D.  He picked it up from the bottom of the ocean where it had been sitting for a year and when he got home, pulled out the SD card.  I don’t know if this should be kudos to Canon the card manufacturer or the tasty water of BC but the card still worked and Markus was able to view the images.

Long story short, Markus posted a few details about the camera owner (gained from the pictures) on Google Plus and one day later found the owner.  Great work Markus and the friendly community on Google+.

Image Credit: Markus Thompson

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