Google Photography Prize Offers A Great Opportunity 0

So, Google is offering a great contest once again.  This time, they are launching a worldwide photography just for student photographers.  It is hosted by Google+ and has been named “Google Photography Prize”.  Mainly, they are doing this to reach out towards Facebook users and to try and gain some ground on them.  They announced that 3.5 billion photos were uploaded to Google+ in its first 100 days.  Impressive, yes; but Facebook has 25 billion photos uploaded every 100 days, so there is a big gap there that Google would love to close.  By entering the competition, you are, of course, granting Google and their affiliates the exclusive right to use the images for promotion and other advertising, for Google+ and future Google Photography Prize competitions.

The competition will be judged by photography professionals who are currently in the industry, so it’s a good way to get your name out there, and get some experience under your belt.  This includes curators at the world renowned London Saatchi Gallery.  The prizes include over 100 Samsung Galaxy Phones, as well as 10 lucky finalists having their work showcased at the Saatchi Gallery for two full months.  The grand prize winner will also receive an incredible photographic trip to a location of their choosing, while being escorted by a professional photography coach.  What an opportunity!  So what are you waiting for? This is a great opportunity; you’d better get out there and show Google your best work!