Google Crops Picnik Out of Its Business Plan 1

While it’s not a high end Adobe editing tool and it can’t make your digital photos look like film, Picnik – a small but well known photo editing website – has been a fun if not occasionally useful tool since Google acquired it back in 2010. Unfortunately, Google no longer sees the website as useful enough to serve their purpose; and so have decided to shut down the project and move the labor over to their growing Google+ department.

In all likelihood photographers around the world won’t be affected much – to my knowledge no well-known photographer has ever added pretty font or a flowery border to his or her painstakingly composed work – but the website that introduced the masses to the most basic of photo editing still deserves to go out with its head held high.

With that in mind Google have decided to throw out the business model entirely, and for the remainder of Picnik’s life – which will come to an end on April 19th – all users will have access to premium features previously available only to paying customers. So go check out the website if you’ve never used it before, pay your respects, and just maybe have some fun on Google’s tab.