Go Old School with the Paparazzo Light for Your iPhone 0

There’s just something magical and mystical about retro-looking stuff. Not the actual vintage stuff, but just the ones that look like it, like the Magnetic Mini Retro Camera. Because really, I wouldn’t trade all of the features that the high-tech stuff of today has.

Luckily, some creative minds came up with the Paparazzo Light for your iPhone. It’s an awesome external flash attachment for your smartphone that looks like the ones that paparazzi from the olden days used. You know, with the huge half-dome and the bright bulb inside it.

Paparazzo Flash

It might seem like a novelty product, but it looks like it’s up for the job of brightening up your subjects so you can take awesome phoneotography shots of them.

The Paparazzo Light is equipped with a 300-Lumen LCD which is to be powered by a pair of CR 123 batteries. It comes with three different settings that you can use, depending on what level of brightness you need for whatever it is you’re shooting.

To make these flashes with a retro vibe into a reality, the team behind the project is looking to raise $50,000. They’ve still managed to raise a little short of ten thousand grand, but there are still a couple more weeks to go.

Interested? Head on over to their Kickstarter page to find out more. A minimum pledge of $45 will get you one Paparazzo Light delivered to your home once they’re ready.

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