Go Dive With Your Nikon D4 With Aquatica’s AD4 Underwater Housing 0

Underwater camera housing maker Aquatica has recently announced a new submersible casing for the Nikon D4: the AD4.

The AD4 is capable of bringing Nikon’s flagship DSLR shooter up to the depths of 90 meters or 300 feet. And if you want to go further under the sea, you can upgrade the AD4 to dive up to 130 meters or 425 feet.


Here are the key features of the AD4:

  • Toggle access to Fn and Pv buttons
  • Smooth operation of all video controls
  • New lens gear system for improved video zooming
  • New camera tray works with a simple push tab
  • New left-hand quick lever for ISO access
  • Strobe connectors easily replaced in the field
  • Unparalleled durability and corrosion protection


If you want this in your next underwater assignment, you can grab the Aquatica AD4 forĀ $4,590.