Go Beyond Your Photo’s Borders With the AntiCrop App for iOS 0

There are a lot of photo editing tools at the disposal of every photographer out there. They can sharpen images, blur out backgrounds, clone out blemishes, and airbrush everything to perfection. They can also re-size images, change the resolution, and crop out unwanted stuff. However, one thing they can’t do is¬†uncrop something.

However, if you use your iPhone to take photos instead of a camera, then you’re in luck, because now, you can uncrop with AntiCrop.


You know how you would sometimes look at a shot and wish that you had angled it in another way or panned it out more, so you could have captured a bigger part of the background? Well, now you can sort of just add it in, thanks to the anti-cropping algorithm that AntiCrop is using.

Just select the photo you want to anticrop, slide the frame in the direction that you want to expand, and voila: you’ve got a photo with more of the background added in digitally. To state the obvious, the app works great when you’re¬†working with nature landscapes and backgrounds. However, the app is not at all recommended if you want to complete unpredictable image areas, such as human faces, buildings, specific structures, and other detailed objects.

The AntiCrop app is available from the Apple iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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