Glider Camera Takes Flight To Take Aerial Videos 0

Have you ever experienced times when you wanted to record a video from a certain angle, but couldn’t? Not because it was impossible, but because it would be incredibly difficult to do so? You’d need stepladders, platforms, and a whole host of other expensive equipment that only the pros have.

Camera Glider

Well, if you’ve ever wanted to take photos with aerial views or with a different angle, then give the Glider Camera a shot (literally.) It’s kind of similar to the Slingshot Camera concept, for the fact that you’re going to be using a slingshot to sling the glider camera into flight.

The Glider Camera is basically a glider that’s got a camera at the tip. Just point it up and fire it off with the slingshot to start taking still photos and video from the top.

Camera Glider

The Glider Camera concept was designed by Xiaofei Wang.

[via Yanko Design]