Gizmon iCA iPhone Case Giveaway : Newsletter Exclusive [Winner Announced] 0

Winner Announced

33 people were interested in winning the Gizmon case so everyone had a good chance at winning.  I went to Wolfram Alfa and got a random number between 1 and 33.  31 was the lucky number which matched up to M.Lownsbery‘s email.  Congrats.  I’ve sent you an email to get your mailing address – your new iPhone case will be on it’s way soon.

Giveaway Details

We recently did a review of the Gizmon ICA iPhone case, and now that the review is done, I’m cleaning out the office and will be giving it away.

Soooo… up for grabs is a slightly used, once reviewed, very trendy looking iPhone case.

I don’t want to exclude anyone who is a devout twitter follower or facebook fan, so if you that’s you and you want a chance to win I’ll give you until tomorrow at noon (CET) to subscribe to the newsletter.  Consider yourself warned.

If you’re already subscribed to the newsletter, you don’t have to do anything — just look for instructions in an email I’ll be sending out tomorrow. And don’t worry, I’ll make it really easy to enter, I promise.