Gizmon iCA iPhone Camera Case 0

As we’ve mentioned many times in the past, current generation smartphones are becoming very capable cameras. In fact, some of the more recent releases like the iPhone 4S and DROID RAZR make it virtually unnecessary to carry around a typical point and shoot. However, while the camera’s technological sophistication may be there, smartphones tend to look a lot more like smartphones and less like cameras.

Gizmon iPhone CaseThis isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if you’re a die hard photography enthusiast it may quite the pet peeve. Lucky for you, Gizmon has the perfect solution with the iCA case, pictured above. As you can see, the case disguises the iPhone making it look quite a bit like a Leica Rangefinder – but looks aren’t all it has.

Gizmon’s iCA case is engineered from 32 individual pieces of polycarbonate and comes complete with a¬†functioning¬†shutter button, optical view finder and interchangeable (yet fake) lenses. Price wise you’re looking at $65 for just the case but if you want to go over board then you can grab a neck strap for $30 and a set of extra lenses for $45.

Quite pricey when everything is added up but just imagine the look on your friends faces the next time you whip this bad boy out.

[Gizmon via Gizmodo]