Giant View-Master Paper Disk Wall Frame 0

Before 3D movies, there was the View-Master. Yes, the one where you can view 3D images on a paper wheel. Although the stereoscopic toy is not that very popular nowadays, people who grew up during its heyday, will be glad to know that they can reminisce those good ol’ days with Us & Kind of Life’s unique Wall Frame.

The wall frame, which is available at the Indonesian site Unkl347, is not your typical picture frame as it is shaped as a full-blown View-Master paper disk, complete with slots (all 14 of them) for your printed photos or even your beloved Instagram prints.

A good and fun idea for hanging this giant paper disk wall frame is to put its middle hole on a round peg attached to the wall. Once loosely and securely hanged, you can then turn the wheel anytime you like. This is perfect for your kids’ room.

The Unkl347 Wall Frame is priced at IDR 200.000 (around $20.00).