Get Social With The Hipstamatic D-Series App For Your iPhone 0

It has become a whole lot easier to capture memories and document our everyday lives. With the advent of digital cameras and its integration in devices like smartphones, it’s no surprise really that we find ourselves in a culture of media.

As I’m typing on my laptop, I see someone across the cafe raising her iPhone to capture an image of her daughter seated across the table. Indeed, the iPhone is one of the world’s most popular smartphones. What makes it even more appealing to the general public is all the cool photography apps that let people add effects and filters to their photos, like Instagram.


And then there’s the Hipstamatic D-Series, where D stands for Disposable. It might sound strange for a digital camera to be, well, disposable, but that’s the concept that┬áSynthetic Infatuation worked with for the app.

The Hipstamatic D-Series is dubbed by the developer as the “world’s first social camera.” It’s social in the sense that you share a digital roll of film with your friends through the app. This means that you (and your friends) need to take 24 shots before you (and your friends) can view the images that you’ve taken with your iPhones. The app itself is available for free, but you have to make some in-app purchases if you want to add some effects or lenses to your shots.

The app kind of takes a step back when it comes to digital photography, although it’s a fun and clever idea. What do you think?

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