Frequent Travelers Pitch in to Create (In)Disposable Stories 0

If you think of life as one big adventure and the world is your oyster, then you might be a perfect fit for this Kickstarter project called Disposable Stories.

The first Disposable Stories project began in the summer of 2011, when Hejorama gave away 10 disposable cameras to 10 people in Paris. Each of them served as the first link in a chain of five people to take five shots each on the camera. The last person in the chain was then instructed to send the camera back to Hejorama.

Only two of those cameras found their way back to Hejorama’s office in Paris, but that was enough to inspire them to launch a second round of the project that’s ten times more massive in scale.

Disposable Stories

This time around, Hejorama wants to give away 99 cameras to people from all over the world–but they need help raising the funds to do so. They’re hoping to raise $4,800 for the project, which will go towards buying the cameras, customizing them, shipping fees, and film development.

A minimum pledge of $20 will get you one disposable camera to use for the project. If you’re interested in supporting Disposable Stories, then you might want to check out their Kickstarter page and become a backer.