Freefly’s MōVI Aims To Take Camera Stabilization To A Whole New Level 0

If you’re into filmmaking, then you know how important is a camera stabilizer to your production. But traditional camera stabilization involves having to carry a heavy gear strapped on a cameraman’s body. Watch this behind-the-scenes video of the film Hugo and you’ll know how tiring and complicated it is to take a long steadicam shot.

This is the main reason why Freefly is introducing MōVI, a new camera stabilizer that might revolutionized the entire film and video industry. It’s designed to be ultra light and portable. Its most promising feature: no more counterweights, which means the person carrying the camera can now move more freely than before. And for the control freaks, you can remotely control the MōVI via joystick.


To really appreciate the new system, watch this video from Vincent LaForet of LaForet Visuals to see the camera stabilizer in action:

After watching the video, I guess you’re already pretty excited of all the amazing things that you can do with this gear. I hate to burst your bubble, but unless you’re into professional filmmaking, you will not have any second thoughts in getting the MōVI, which is currently priced at $15,000. Although, the company is already planning to introduce a $7,500 version soon.

With this new development in camera stabilization, who knows, we might see a more budget-friendly alternative via Kickstarter. Let’s see.

[Freefly via Gizmodo]