Freddiew’s Epic R/C Car Chase Is Something to Behold 0

Spending even a short amount of time on the Internet without finding something that tickles your fancy would be quite a difficult feat. But, while a cat eating a hamburger may conjure a smirk, enterprising content creators who go above and beyond are those who help to make the Internet such a fascinating place. A perfect example would be the brain child of duo Freddie Wong  and Brandon Laatsch (pictured below, probably laughing about how awesome they are) known as Freddiew.

If you haven’t seen any of the Freddiew videos, and are even remotely interested in video production, you should probably stop reading right now and watch all of them (which you can do here). On the other hand if you’re already well aware of the wizardry behind their videos, but haven’t seen the latest, you’re in for quite a treat. This time around, Freddie Wong and Brandon Lasstsch have teamed up with a colorful crew to meticulously stage a car chase that looks fit for a major motion picture.

Of course, given the fact that the the duo are YouTube creators, and not a major movie studio, their budget is understandably more stringent. In lieu of this, the Freddie and Brandon have done away with actual Nissan GT-Rs, Corvettes, Porsches, Mustangs, Hummers and other high priced luxury vehicles in place of beautifully crafted R/C cars. Throw in some scale scenery, top notch camera work, a radio controlled R/C helicopter, Rob Dydrek, Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin and you have a recipe for unspeakable sweetness wrapped in a 2 minute and 28 second video.

As a quick a side note; in typical Freddiew fashion, a behind the scenes video has also been produced and uploaded. This gives us a look at not only what went into staging this highly entertaining R/C chase but also what kind of gear they’re using. If nothing else, this goes to show that anyone with some time, knowledge and dedication can come up with something great – regardless of budget.