Four Must Have Lesser Known iPhone Camera Apps Under $5 0

Love it or loath it, but you cannot ignore it. Yes folks, we are talking about the iPhoneography phenomena, that has taken the world by storm with its revolutionary take on camera photography. And while the purists may cringe, the hipsters are having a blast and quite trigger happy these days with apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic. But there is more to iPhoneography than the above mentioned two apps and listed below are some new and lesser known photo and video apps, that will only enhance your photography journey.

Hipstamatic Disposable (iTunes Link) – Free

The makers of Hipstamatic once again capture the imagination of iPhone users with the new Hipstamatic Disposable app. The idea is to have a digital disposable camera among your friends and save and share a “roll of film”.

Pros : It is free, but you do need to pay for some of the film rolls you use and comes with three free cameras.

Cons: Though a great idea, but not suitable for the impatient. It is also  limited to only the iPhone, which means you need to make friends that also use the iPhone ,which kinda defeats the whole purpose of social photography.
 Hipstamatic Disposable

8mm Vintage Camera (iTunes Link) – $1.99

Cashing onto the retro trend, this video recording app is hands down the best in its group. It also now supports 720P HD video recording on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4.

Pros : Extremely intuitive interface and easy to use. Offers a wide array of settings and lends an old world charm to videos.

Cons: Lacks post shooting editing and is a little cumbersome when it comes to sharing the recorded videos online.

Flare (iTunes Link) – $1.99

The app uses an image-processing algorithm to bring a HDR video effect and has been developed by the guy from the viral Soviet Montage video, which can be seen here.

Pros: Supports 16:9 letterbox from the viewfinder and the effects are live as you film.

Cons : It produces videos in a resolution of only 640 x 360 and can be buggy at times.


NightCap (iTunes Link) – $0.99

A must have since it is capable of capturing significantly brighter images without using the god awful flash on the iPhone.

Pros: Does what it claims to do brilliantly (pardon the pun) and the price is just right.

Cons: Lacks auto/manual HDR and due to its one-second shutter, the frame rate can be jittery at times.