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We have covered some pretty awesome bike mounts here on Tog Tech, and I am sure there are more kinds out there too which are just as good. But for the photographer who also loves being an iPhoneographer (or Androidographer) the perfect bike mount does exist! It’s called the Bikepod Mobile. This bike mount can handle BOTH a mobile phone and a DSLR camera. You can buy it as just the Bikepod, which is meant for just a DSLR, or you can buy the Bikepod Mobile, which is the same Bikepod mount, but comes with Joby Grip Tight Mount for a mobile phone. The Bikepod fits around a bicycle’s handlebars, and it has a quick release making it easy to put on and off. Plus it is small enough to slip in your pocket so you don’t need to leave it on your bike if you are parking it and going inside somewhere.  It has a standard tripod mount so it can be used with point & shots, M43 cameras, and DSLR’s with small lenses. The Bikepod Mobile portion of it works with iPod, iPhones 3GS, 4/4S, and 5; as well as Android phones.




According to the Photojojo website, the  specs for Bikepod/Bikepod Mobile are as follows:

  • Adjusts easily without scratching handlebars
  • Standard tripod mount suitable for point & shoots, M43 cameras, DSLR’s with small lenses and camera phones
  • The GripTight clamp works with any mobile device 3″ wide and under
  • Fits handlebars sized 22-29mm


I personally have not tested it out but based on the photos I have seen and reviews I have read, it looks like a good, simple, and well-built piece. Perhaps I should buy it! It would probably motivate me to take my bicycle out of the garage more often! It can be purchased on for $25.00 or $45.00. Oh, and another cool thing that Photojojo points out: You can use the bike as a dolly to help with smooth video panning.  Nice!

Source: Photojojo