Flickring HD for iPad 1.0.2 Gets an Upgrade, Now Awesomer Than Ever 0

If you’ve been looking for a solution to managing your Flickr images more conveniently using your iPad, then look no further than Flickring HD. It’s an app that lets you browse and share images from your Flickr account, as well as upload new ones.

Its developer, Pixite, has recently updated the app to add 2048-pixel, high-resolution photo viewing so images on the new iPad appear sharper and crisper than ever. The update also adds full HD video support so that users can stream HD clips on their tablets.

Flickering HD

Pros who shoot in RAW can also use the app to convert their shots to full-size JPEG images so they can be uploaded to Flickr. The update also adds an added security features to protect its users’ privacy.

The new Flickring HD update provides the option to strip location data from images and to set privacy levels on the photos during uploading.

The update also allows full-size viewing of images upon zooming for Flickr Pro accounts, and gives users the option to re-organize their images upon uploading.

Flickring HD can be downloaded on the iTunes App Store for $3.99.

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