Flickr Is Getting A Huge Makeover–Soon 0

Flickr has always been the site of choice for many photographers, regardless of whether they were already professionals or amateurs. The photo-sharing site has made it easy for photographers to share their best shots and display slideshows showing off their work.

A recent BetaBeat interview with Flickr’s Head of Product Markus Spiering has now revealed that there are a lot of huge changes planned for the site. A major redesign is in the works, with Spiering demoing a gallery interface that resembles what you might see on Google+.

Flickr Makeover

Spiering revealed that users can expect the changes to start rolling out by next week. One of these is the new “photo view” page, which will be implemented on February 28. Flickr will be replacing the typical white space border and information display that you’re accustomed to with larger views of the image, sans the extra information.

[Spiering] then opened a new tab to show the spread, completely revamped. Suddenly the photos look more than four times their current size and lie neatly justified on the page, somehow jigsawing together without cropping or changing the order in which they appear.

The new photo view will hit on Feb. 28, Mr. Spiering said, and with it comes a new upload interface. Flickr’s uploading page now looks more like an app than a website.

A new photo uploader is also set to be released later in March.

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