Flickr Introduces Aviary Photo Editing Service to Replace Picnik 0

Last January, Google revealed that it would be shutting down the photo editing site Picnik later this year. It’s a shame, really, since the Internet giant only acquired the the company back in 2010.

Picnik officially goes offline April 19th. It might have only been a small site, but it was well-known and made editing images on the fly quick, easy, and convenient. No worries, though, because Yahoo has introduced a new tool called Aviary to take Picnik’s place.


Aviary will allow Flickr users to implement basic image edits and corrections, just as Picnik did. However, the functionality that it offers is limited to similar cropping, filter, and sticker options. The good thing about Aviary, though, is that it’s HTML 5-based, which means that those who use non-Flash capable devices like iPads can still use it to edit and upload their images on the photo-sharing site.

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