Flash³ Concept Digitizes a Retro Black Box Film Camera 0

The past meets the future in Dani Clode’s Flash³ camera concept. The idea basically came from the retro black box film cameras which were pretty common back in the day. Using the box camera’s basic structure, Dani fit in a touchscreen on the surface to make the controls more accessible.

At the back of the Flash³ is its shutter release, which comes with the option that allows attaching a manual external shutter release cord. You know, for old times’ sake. The concept camera will also be fitted with a square sensor, so square prints are its obvious output.

Flash3 Concept

Of the concept, Dani explains: “The Flash³ celebrates light. A camera no longer needs to hide internal functions – or shield from external light. This version is inspired by the Hasselblad and sports a similar form.” He also says that since there’s no longer a restriction to 35mm film, reproduction of ratio photographs that externally fit around the camera’s shape is now possible.

The other features that Dani thought up for the Flash³ include:

  • Flicking the on switch forward will bring the box to live, where its lens will poke its head out and focus. Meanwhile, the screen will also light up, but the real bolt of energy comes when you turn out the lights.
  • The internalized flash spreads over the whole cube; it jumps out from all angles, which lights not only your subject, but also yourself and the surrounding pace.

[Yanko Design]