First Nikon D700 Price Drop in the US is Only $200 0

The Nikon D700 was officially discontinued over a month ago following the announcement of the D800.  And it was about time, too. People have been waiting for the D800 to be unveiled, following months of rumors, speculation, and delays.

Nikon D700

As is always the case, you can expect the price of the D700 to go down before it will be off the store shelves for good. It was rumored a few days ago that $500 would be slashed off the shooter’s price, from $2,699.95 to $2,199.95.

However, the first drop recorded isn’t $500. Amazon updated the D700’s product page to reflect a $200 decrease in price, dropping the price down to $2,499.95. The price might decrease further in the following days (or weeks or months). But if you’ve been wanting (and waiting) to get your hands on a D700, it might be a good idea to snatch one up now since stocks are running low.

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