First Leaked Photo Of Rumored Sony A7 Mirrorless Full Frame Camera 0

Sony Alpha Rumors has released an SR5 report — which means the rumor is “almost certainly correct” — on the rumored Sony A7 camera.

The said report includes a low resolution image of the new Sony mirrorless E-mount Full Frame shooter. Sources said that the camera, which comes in two versions, the A7 and A7R, are “built like a tank.”


Also, a teaser from Sony Japan says something like, “We stopped thinking about the way that the camera should be, then we started to see a new way of the camera. A camera, no one ever made.”

The Sony A7 is expected to come with a 24MP resolution, while the A7R is going to have 36MP.

If rumors are indeed true, then we’ll have to be ready when Sony announces the A7 and A7R this coming October 16.