Firmware Updates for Pentax K-5 and Ricoh CX6 Released 0

Amidst all the buzz that came with the CES 2012 (which has sadly already come to an end) came two firmware update announcements from Pentax and Ricoh. Those who own the Pentax K-5 digital SLR and the Ricoh CX6 digital compact camera can now upgrade their firmware to the latest ones released by the respective companies.

Pentax K-5 Firmware Update 1.12

Pentax K-5

This firmware update addresses the issue that some photographers have experienced when taking a shot of the starry, night sky. This fix takes care of the band of light green noise that might occur upon taking such shots when the O-GPS1 is mounted on the K-5.

Download the Pentax K-5 Firmware Update 1.12 here: Pentax Japan Website

Ricoh CX6 Firmware Update 1.21

Ricoh CX6

Version 1.21 of the firmware for the Ricoh CX6 shooter improves the focus accuracy when you happen to be shooting in an environment with extremely bright conditions.

Download the Ricoh CX6 Firmware Update 1.21 here: Ricoh Website

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