Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 Brings Back Highly Sought After Features 0

Apple is the market leader in many different categories including tablets, smartphones and portable media players. In fact, the company has grown to be so successful that they have frequently outpaced Exxon Mobile as the most valuable company in the world. However, aside from the hardware that has made Apple what it is today they also have several industry leading software bundles on the market including Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro, as you’re sure to know, has pretty much become the industry standard for editing and producing videos. Unfortunately, the company was met with a barrage of consumer criticism following the release of Final Cut Pro X which bared more resemblance to iMovie than  the critically acclaimed Final Cut Pro 7.

While this may be good for average conusmers looking to quickly and easily edit their videos, professional producers were none too pleased. Luckily, it seems that Apple is taking into account what consumers want with the release of Final Cut Pro version 10.0.3. Released today, 10.0.3 is a free update that will bring with it highly sought after features including multi-camera syncing and the ability to import projects from Final Cut Pro 7.

Why Apple would seemingly cripple a supposed-to-be more advanced version of Final Cut Pro we aren’t sure. On the bright side, it’s at least good to know they are working on remedying the problem.