Facial Timelapse – Fun New Plugin for KeyLemon Security Software 0

Most often, timelapse photography is used as a way to capture a unique sort of beauty – the kind that changes just gradually enough for us to enjoy it several hundred times faster than it actually happen. Sometimes, photographers get even more creative, as was the case when Cris Magliozzi stitched together timelapse and slow motion photography to achieve an entirely different effect.

However, on occasion, timelapse photography is neither beautiful nor creative; but instead it’s a bit fun and a bit more narcissistic. Falling into this later category is a new plugin for the facial-recognition security software KeyLemon.

LemonDay is a plugin which takes a snapshot of your face each time you log into your computer. Once enough have been compiled, you can then combines these photographs, put them together, and create your own personal “facial evolution”. As a bonus, the plugin also gives you a few editing options: such as the ability to export the video, take advantage of face alignment and even share the video to Facebook.

On one hand, I suppose LemonDay serves a security purpose by constantly updating the photo it uses for facial recognition when allowing you to log into your computer. On the other hand, if you’ve always wanted to dable in self-timelapse, this is a fun way to start while keeping your computer secure at the same time.