Facebook Photo Viewer Goes High Res 0

When you consider the number of social networks out there catered specifically to photographers, it’s starting to look like Facebook is falling by the wayside. Sites like PixelPeers and Blinq are made with photographers in mind, and as such offer features that Facebook just doesn’t need to implement. Still, you can’t beat the massive user base that Facebook offers (which I’m pretty sure is nearing the “take over the world mark”).

Fortunately, Facebook isn’t sitting on the improvements they could be making to help photographers market themselves better on their massive social platform. Case in point, after allowing high definition photo uploads over a year ago, Facebook has now integrated a new photo viewer that defaults to high resolution, and even allows users to switch to full-screen mode.

According to The Verge, the highest resolution the new viewer can handle is 2048×2048, which should be plenty for most photographers. And although it seems like it’s taken a while for this and other photo related changes to take place, the explosive growth of photography in general (especially on the amateur phoneotography side) gives us hope that these alterations will become a regular occurrence.

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