Face Swap: Swapping People’s Faces, One Face At A Time 0

The only way that you can actually change what your face looked like is by going under the knife. But if you’re just tired of looking at photos of yourself in the same old poses, then there’s a quick app that you can use without any plastic surgery: Face Swap.

Face Swap

If you’ve got access to a laptop with Adobe Photoshop, then you can just work your magic using the photo editing software. I think this app is for those who want to do all their face-swapping, even when they’re on the go. This app is for Windows Phone users, although there’s already a similar FaceSwap app for people with iOS devices.

The app is available for free from Windows Phone and will require Windows Phone 7.5 or higher in order to run.

What do you think? Will you be doing some face swapping today?

[Engadget via Peta Pixel]