Eykona 3D Imaging Camera Helps Soldiers In Treating Wounds 0

Medical technology company Eykona has developed a portable imaging camera capable of rendering a three dimensional image of a wound.

The 3D camera was created as a tool for British medics in helping them treat soldiers wounded in the field.

The Eykona camera is designed to build a three dimensional image of a wound and utilises specially-designed software to measure the size and depth of the trauma with extreme accuracy.

Through the 3D models created using the Eykona camera, medics will now be able to use definitive evidence to assess fresh wounds and also to understand if and how the wound is healing, allowing them to adjust the treatment plan accordingly and with far more efficiency than ever before.

The brains behind the camera are Dr. James Paterson and Professor Ron Daniel. It took eight years to develop the system.

The imaging camera was made specially for British soldiers in Afghanistan. Although, the medical device is also found at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

One Eykona camera is worth around £5000, complete with software and carry case.

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