Experience Darkroom Photo Printing Via Smartphone With ENFOJER 1

Modern technology has made photo printing very much easier for any photo enthusiasts. And it also made us almost forget, if not entirely forgotten, the beautiful art of darkroom printing or that magic moment when a photo suddenly appears on a photosensitive paper.

That’s why a group of photo lovers from Zagreb, Croatia started an Indiegogo (a Kickstarter-like site) project called the Enfojer — for the sole purpose of preserving “the old art of photo development and help you, and you, and you rediscover the magic that happens in a darkroom.”


The Enfojer is a “portable smartphone photographic enlarger” that allows you to print black and white photos of the images taken by your smartphone camera. The whole process is very simple as you only need an Enfojer kit and a darkroom, which could be any place in your home that is completely dark. Yes, a bathroom will do.


To get started, you only need to put your smartphone — with your desired image currently displayed on the screen — on the Enfojer device and push a button to commence the printing process. Of course, you can edit the photos before printing using the accompanying Enfojer photo app.


Take a look at the video below to see how Enfojer works:

Aside from the Enfojer stand, the whole kit also includes a battery-powered red light, trays, tray rack, tongs,  and fojographic paper. The chemicals used in developing the photos are not included because of the complexities in shipping such items overseas. You may have to get the chemicals at your local photo equipment store.


Enfojer is compatible with any iOS, Android, or Windows smartphone with a size under 141×71 mm or 5.55×2.80 inches.

The Enfojer team is trying to raise at least $100,000 for the project. Their $250 “Early Herd Special” will already give you a complete Enfojer kit. Even if the target money is not reached, the team is still going to push through in making Enfojer available to the general public by February of next year.

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