EQUINOX Camera Concept Wants To Be The All-In-One Of Cameras 0

Designers Dae Jin Ahn and Chun Hyun Park want to minimize the usage of CCD parts on cameras with their concept shooter called the EQUINOX.

With the EQUINOX, you can already have a slew of cameras at your disposal, ranging from a small compact to professional type of camera like a DSLR. This is made possible by only using one CCD part as its core, which can be attached into different types of concept camera bodies.

But don’t just take my word for it, you’ll have to see the photos below to really understand the idea behind the EQUINOX camera.

equinox2 equinox3 equinox8 equinox9 equinox10 equinox11 equinox13

What do you think, would you use one if ever it becomes available?

[Yanko Design]