Embed 3D Vision To Anything With Open Source Pairasight 3D Camera System 1

We all know by now that Google heavily marketed the Google Glass last year. And because of that, many companies are now developing new technologies for wearable cameras.

Pairasight is one of those companies. The new company has developed an open source system that is capable of arming any object with stereo vision. Basically, it’s a unique technology that you can embed on something like a pair of glasses.


The system is designed to capture 5 MP stereo images and wirelessly stream videos directly to a server. The whole concept is fit for any services or activities that needs to record everything on-the-go.

Aside from building an open source system, the company is also planning to sell Pairasight glasses soon.

To learn more about Pairasight, you can visit their official website here. Or watch the TechCrunch video below: